The Sacred Space
of Self Care


Amelia Paris is more than your average salon and spa. It’s gathering place for social grooming, rich conversation, authentic connection, heavenly massage, organic skin care, & even photography! Magic happens all around us as the transformation process takes place in the bodies, minds, & spirits of our friends & clients. 


Salons connect people.

Modern life is intense, busy, and stressful. Amelia Paris is a place to just BE - a holistic wellness center where art meets conversation in a culture that values relaxation, recovery, and investing in the self care that is essential to avoid burn out and overwhelm.

We are inspired by your power to transform.


Connecting through open hearts & a shared experience.


Unified by a love for the Earth & the people who live in it.

Enjoy a relaxing environment, with lush green plants everywhere delivering fresh oxygen! We build confidence and are chemical conscious, choosing hair color that is non ammonia, and PPD free. We are here to share our passion for beauty with you and your loved ones in a safe, loving environment.

We believe in natural solutions to modern imbalances.

Join us for workshops and community experiences dedicated to developing self-awareness & holistic paths to harmonious living!


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