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Light, shadows and the contrasts nature has to offer have always inspired Chad Demchuk. From the beautiful blondes classic wheat and luscious honey tones of the warmer months, to the cooler seasons indulgent auburns, milky chocolates and creamy velvet ebonies, to the flashy colors of the aurora borealis and vibrant colors of flowers, this artist takes pride on being able to impart all the natural and eccentric colors nature has to offer to his clients.

Chad brings over 14 years of experience to Amelia Paris Salon from some of the finest and most sought out salons over the East Coast. From being an Artistic Director at a prestigious salon and spa in Atlanta, GA, and as a Network Educator in a multi-award winning salon in Boston, MA, he has developed an unprecedented amount of skill and technique that he has built along his travels. Chad enjoys sharing his skills with many other team members in our salon and imparting his technical abilities onto his clients.

Chad joined the Joico International team in 2003 in the role of an Artistic Advisor. With his incredible talent and dedication to lifelong learning, Chad was quickly promoted to the Joico Platform Artist. Chad now travels the globe inspiring and educating stylists on how to reach their own full potential.

When Chad is in the salon, his chair is always driven by the needs of the client in his chair. Whether it is a lively discussion, a shared moment, or an ambient reflective time, it is welcomed and embraced. There is also plenty of laughter to be shared, as his quick wit and ability to find the silver lining in everything always bring a smile and a laugh to someone. Because after all, Chad’s mantra is “If you aren’t loving what you are doing and having fun, why are you doing it?”


Examples of Chad Demchuk’s Award Winning Work!

Miss Delaware

Contemporary Classics Trio


Chad Demchuk Magazine Vibrancy


Chad Demchuk Magazine Provocateur




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Hair Dreams Extensions

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